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EP:8 - Tribalism Through Political and Ideological Labels

Do people generally use ideological labels to describe their belief system or their club (0:49)? Is this phenomenon getting worse, or do things like social media just show what’s already there (16:25)? Is the United States particularly vulnerable to tribalism and can our system survive it (28:51)? What needs to happen to bring us together (43:09)?

EP:7 - Making Sense of the Streaming Wars

What makes streaming different and what does it mean to me (0:47)? What is in it for the media companies (9:40)? What makes a streaming service worth it (15:41)? Is streaming an example of technology making things better for all stakeholders (24:39)? Are there potential problems (38:23)? Is streaming a good deal for consumers (44:10)?

EP:6 - Do Bernie’s Policies and His Movement Transcend Identity? [Bernie Double Dose]

Are identity politics dead or can they still serve a purpose (0:38)? Is there an obligation to support politicians that look like us, or can beliefs transcend identity (10:43)? Are Bernie’s policies viable (14:49)? Could his movement get him elected and save our economy (18:25)? What’s with the insistence on self identifying as a socialist, and will it cost him (28:34)?

EP:5 - Can Bernie Sanders Save Black Lives? [Bernie Double Dose]

Can Bernie Sanders tell you how not to get shot by the police (0:41)? Would you rather be offered honest advice or empathy, and would rather agitate the system or take control of it (3:23)? Is there room for compromise and understanding in the fight for progress (19:02)? What about introspection (27:32)?

EP:4 - The Culture Series: The New Golden Age, a Book by Ravi Batra

Can all humans be classified into one of four classes (1:00)? Can the law of social cycles explain what is going on and anticipate what is coming next (11:46)? What do you make of the final year syndrome (25:11)? Is deceiving and being deceived about things that affect our societies part of our human condition (32:49)? Are we approaching a new golden age or will our humanity hold us back (48:43)?

EP:3 - Why Do Americans Seem to Hate Each Other and Love Fake News?

What about our politics makes Americans hate each other (0:57)? Regardless of the reason, the extreme political polarization is serving the interests of our rivals (24:15). Fake news is driven by demand, but the ability to effectively deliver the supply has made all the difference (33:01). Be careful what you wish for asking Facebook to be the arbiter of truth for political advertisements (47:48).

EP:2 - China Buys LeBron's Silence?

Even in the face of controversy, LeBron James has never backed down when standing against injustice. Does his unwillingness to discuss the issues in Hong Kong signal a change in approach? Or does the size of the Chinese market, or its distance from the U.S., justify a different approach?  (50:01)

EP:1 - Our American Experiment Threatened

The continued existence of America, as a nation of laws and not men, is being threatened. Patriots must call out these threats and work together to answer them. We must keep America America! (1:02:21)